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3 Safety Tips for Driving During the Christmas and New Year - LM Body Shop

Published on Dec 30 2022

As the holiday season creeps up, it is important to remain extra vigilant when driving due to an increased number of people on the road. Additionally, the poor weather conditions only serves to make the roads more dangerous. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and stress free holiday period.  

1. Avoid Distracted Driving: During the Christmas and New Year holiday season, drivers should do their best to avoid distractions while behind the wheel. This includes texting and talking on the phone, eating, daydreaming, and other risky behaviors. Distracted driving not only has a high likelihood of ending with an accident but can also increase the level of danger for all drivers on the road. Always keep your eyes on the road and be mindful of how your actions are impacting your safety as well as that of others. Drive Sober – Alcohol and drugs can significantly impair judgement, and greatly reduce reaction times, making it incredibly dangerous to drive after consuming them. Alcohol is involved in roughly 30% of all automobile fatalities over the Holiday season, making it the second most dangerous factor on the roads, after speeding. It is best to plan ahead and organize alternative ways to get home if you are going to be drinking. 

2. Drive Sober: Another important thing drivers must remember during this time of celebration and holidays is to drive sober. Drinking and driving is one of the largest contributors to traffic-related deaths and injuries, and should always be avoided. There are many safer options for getting home such as calling a designated driver, using a ride-sharing service, or walking. Always be aware of your own mental and physical state before getting behind the wheel. Take Breaks – Driving for extended periods of time, during winter, can be quite demanding. During peak times of congestion, such as during the holiday season, traffic can grind to a halt - leading to long periods of sitting behind the wheel. It is important to anticipate these conditions, and plan to take frequent breaks, to reset your alertness levels. 

3. Be Prepared for Inclement Weather: Another key factor to consider in regards to safe driving during Christmas and New Year is the potential for inclement weather. Make sure to check the forecast ahead of traveling, and be sure that your vehicle is equipped with the right tires and in general be properly maintained. Additionally, if the weather conditions are poor, it might be a good idea to avoid the highways and stick to shorter local roads. Plan Ahead - Being aware of the weather and traffic conditions ahead of time can save a lot of stress and make sure you are reaching your destination as safely and quickly as possible. Weather alerts can help to anticipate potentially hazardous conditions. Additionally, planning your route in advance can help you avoid traffic jams and make sure you interpret road signs correctly. 

Finally, it’s important to plan your route in advance, give yourself plenty of time, and take your time while driving. Be sure to remain vigilant while on the road and abide by all speed limits, traffic laws, and road signs. Above all else, be sure to use as much caution as you can and always remain focused on the task of driving so that you can avoid any potential risks.


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